Perfection of form
creation of natural water structure

The highest level of control
and protection to the best quality.
Company certificate with every lot.

Sphere of application

«AQUALAT®» filter media has found wide application basically in all real sectors and work circles of manufactures and companies that performs water treatment of potable, industrial, and waste waters of all main types of impurities.

Spheres of application:


Black and nonferrous metallurgy

The chemical industry

Petroleum-refining industry

Coal-mining branch

Pulp and paper industry

The textile industry

Industrial water supply

Municipal services

The food-processing industry

Engineering-meliorative systems of agricultural water supply.

Railroad car sheds

River and sea port

The sports complexes equipped with pools.

Sanatoria and hotel complexes

Car washes, cafe, restaurants

Cottage settlements

Application of «AQUALAT®» hydroanthracite filter media provides:

Removal of the hard suspended particles and colloid impurities

Condensate filtration

Protection of coal filters, ion exchangers and RO membranes

Filtration of reverse cycles

Filtration of coagulated water

Filtration of surface and artesian water

Filtration of waste water

«AQUALAT®» anthracite filter media with certain fractional structure is also applied as a spreading and supporting layer in multilayer filters.