Perfection of form
creation of natural water structure

The highest level of control
and protection to the best quality.
Company certificate with every lot.

  • «Aqualat®» anthracite filter media market appearance in Russia…
  • Due to its supreme quality Aqualat® Anthracite filter media has gained the worldwide reputation in Russia and CIS
  • Realization of new approaches to use carbon resources of region…


Production of different filter media for water treatment is a main activity of LLC ANTR-ACTIV.
Hydroanthracite AQUALAT® is packed into plastic bags (volume – 25 liters, on pallets – 1m3)

You can buy «AQUALAT®» anthracite filter media by contacting with our specialists.

Water World

Water treatment plants to be automated under Acciona/Siemens partnership

Posted 18  May  2018

Spanish engineering company Acciona Agua has become a qualified partner of Siemens for its industrial process automation equipment...

Tubular forward osmosis membranes set to hit market in 2018

Posted 18  May  2018

Efforts continue on a European collaboration to bring a dual-branded tubular FO membrane line to market this year...